The Process of Choosing a Security Door for Your Home

Security is an essential issue for many homeowners. With the current climate of home invasions and break-ins, any added security to discourage the criminals is a welcome gain. One of the convenient additions most homeowners appreciate is a security door. Here are a few tips on what to look for when selecting security doors for your Dallas TX property.

-Be sure of your distributor/manufacturer. Many companies are now trying to get rid of old products by calling them new and thus deceiving their customers. Others are importing products which are not up to the quality of locally produced security doors, such as those made by Warehouse Services. It is best to take the time to do in-depth research using your online local directories or contacting the Better Business Bureau. It is essential to be aware of the standards and reputation of the company you will be entrusting with the security of your home.

-It would be a great advantage for you if the companies you have chosen have showrooms. Thus, you can see for yourself the quality of their work and look at the available selection.

-Talk to your security door supplier, be it manufacturer or dealer, about the installation process. Letting a stranger into your property is a major trust issue for many people. Make sure that the supplier does the installation himself and doesn’t outsource it to subcontractors, unknown to you. Additionally, you can end up with additional fees hidden in your bill to cover both the production of the door as well as the subcontractor’s cut for the installation. Also, inquire exactly how long it will take to manufacture and install the security door. Get as firm answer if possible. If the company provides you with an evasive response, do not hesitate and move on to your next dealer choice.

-Find out about warranties and service. If the company subcontracts part or all of their service to yet another company, then there is a possibility something will fall apart in the chain. Try to find a manufacturer that services its own security doors and offers warranties that they back up. This is an indication that they stand behind their work and will take care of any issues on their own, without having to hand it over to another service provider.

-Find out more about the specifications of the security door you have chosen for your home. If it is made out of aluminum, you will probably want to take a pass, as this type of door material is much more fragile than steel doors which are virtually impregnable. Inquire whether the door will be frame mounted or flush mounted. Bare in mind that frame mounted doors are considered to be much more secure than flush mounted ones. If you are going to pay more for security, make sure that you get a truly secure door.

-Ask about the coating. If the chosen company paints their doors, it will eventually deteriorate and peel. Alternatively, doors that are powder coated provide a long-lasting, beautiful look.

Take all of these points into consideration when you are choosing a company in Dallas TX to supply you with security doors for your home. If you are determined to secure your family and property, it makes sense to ensure that you get only the best. By employing Warehouse Services, you can rest assured knowing you will get quality services at affordable rates, delivered with the utmost customer care.