Different Types of Overhead and Commercial Doors

Commercial and industrial doors are built tougher than residential ones and are engineered to withstand intense daily use and wear-and-tear caused by machinery, as well as other equipment. In addition to being heavy-duty, many commercial overhead doors are built with other functionalities which allow them to better serve particular industries and businesses in Dallas TX. For example, some doors are designed to offer better security, others to maintain climate control, and some are created to resist hurricane force winds. In fact, there is a huge range of commercial overhead doors, and some are multipurpose.

Overhead Doors

The term “overhead door” refers to an extensive category of commercial doors that raise and lower as an alternative to opening side-to-side. They are favored in many applications for their large door openings and space saving design. They are often seen on warehouses, loading docks, storage facilities, etc. Accordingly, they are produced in a variety of materials and intended for a large number of applications.

Fire Doors

In case your facility works with or houses any kind of highly flammable or combustible materials, a commercial grade fire door is an absolute must. Fire doors come in a great variety of sizes and styles to fit virtually any facility or door size. They prevent the spread of a fire from one part of a building to another by closing quickly and sealing off fumes and smoke when a fire is detected. Not only can these doors help keep your staff members safe and sound, but they also protect valuable inventory and equipment.

Stainless Steel Doors

Many commercial overhead doors are made of stainless steel, yet not all of them provide the same benefits. For instance, some facilities may choose a particular steel door for fire protection while another may select an entirely different steel door for security purposes. Furthermore, there are specially created stainless steel doors designed for hygienic purposes (they are easy to wipe down) and are commonly used in food and agricultural buildings.

High Speed Doors

You can find virtually every sort of overhead door or bi-parting (especially interior industrial doors) in a high speed variety. These types of doors are very useful where climate control is an issue of initial concern, such as in a clean room or food facility, and they keep the work flow moving efficiently. Most of them are push button operated and equipped with a “smart” system, detecting when something is in its way and reversing its motion (protecting both people and products).

Impactable Doors

Impactable doors come in bi-parting, two-directional and overhead styles, and many of the already mentioned doors fall into the impactable door category. They are engineered to withstand a collision without experiencing damage. No matter how well planned and safe your operation, it’s almost certain a driver will eventually hit your dock door. If you have an impactable door, you can simply realign it and continue work as usual (no repair calls and downtime).

It’s important to find the best commercial overhead doors for your Dallas TX facility as they can have a huge impact on your business efficiency, energy savings and safety. You may realize that you need one type of door for your loading dock and something entirely different for your interior warehouse spaces. So, to make the best selection, contact Warehouse Services for assistance and comprehensive, quality services.