The Evolution of Steel and How It Changed the World

A Metal Fabricator Speaks about the Past and The Perspectives of Steel Fabrication

In our post today, you will find a lot of information which a local metal fabricator provided on the evolution of steel. Surprisingly, it really changed the world! Now the demand for steel is almost insatiable! In 2012 alone, about 1,548 million tons of crude steel were produced worldwide and there was a 1.2% rise in production over the previous year.

Steel became so important for the modern living mainly because it comprises over 75% of all major appliances and 63% of the average automobile. Here is a short guide on how steel developed through the ages before it became so important for us.
The earliest known example of steel production comes from Turkey 4000 B.C.: The Knife of Kaman

  • Then came the Spartan steel swords in 700-400 B.C.
  • Swords made in India from Damascus steel 300 B.C.
  • During the Second industrial revolution the Bessemer low-cost steel production method was developed. This marked a whole new era in the railway industry. Cheap steel allowed rail pioneers in the US to build over 30,000 miles of railroad and colonize the American West with 12 new Western states between 1867 and 1912.
  • Steel cages fabricated to support the weight of skyscrapers were first designed in 1889 by George Fuller. This innovation made the modern city look possible.

The Future of Steel
The tendency is that the demand of steel will keep growing in the years to come. The steel usage forecast for 2014 shows that the demand is expected to rise to 1,500 million tons, compared to 1,445 million tons in 2013, and 1,413 million tons in 2012.

Despite the fact steel is a child of the industrial era, it is still suitable for the environmentally aware age as it is the most widely recyclable material in the world. If you want to learn more, call the metal fabricator Warehouse Services Doors, based in Dallas, TX. We are ready to answer all of your questions at (972) 322-2772.