A Beginner’s Guide to Adjusting Garage Door Springs

How to Perform a Basic Overhead Door Repair

There are not too many things that can malfunction in your garage door’s mechanism. One of the most common reason for problems are the torsion springs. They can cause the door to open too quickly or too slowly. Torsion springs are wound up around a shaft. The springs are under constant extreme tension. The thing that’s keeping the tension from ripping the spring is called a collar or a “cone”. Here is what you should do if you want to do a good overhead door repair:

Disconnect the door from the electrical grid, and unplug the garage door opener. Put a couple of C-shaped clamps on the tracks of the garage door to hold it.

Torsion springs are above the door, so get up, and check the rod out for the adjustment collar. It’s on the side of the center shaft.

The adjustment collar has a couple of screws that hold the tension. Take a metal rod, and stick it into one of the holes in the collar. You will have to hold this in place while you loosen the screws. If you let go, the spring will unwind and make your overhead door repair a lot more difficult.

Hold the rod, and loosen the screws. Slowly turn the collar in the direction you desire. Make one quarter of a rotation at a time to test the tension. Don’t forget to count the rotations. You will have to repeat the same procedure with the other spring.

Before that, however, you’ll have to move the collar left or right to loosen or tighten the spring. Be careful not to let the rod slip out, otherwise the spring will unwind.

You need to do exactly the same thing with the other spring. If they are not equally tight, your your overhead door repair will be incomplete, and you’ll have to start over. For assistance, just give Warehouse Services Doors of Dallas, TX a call at (972) 322-2772!